Virtual Office

Workie Workie Coworking Space offers virtual office service with a Kuala Lumpur address, which you can apply for business registration, name card, website and social media. Therefore, your business can have an impressive image.

We also provide mail-receiving services, so you don’t have to worry about missing any important mails or packages. We take care of all your mail, notify you daily and forwarding it to you with all the mails sanitized.

All our mailboxes are locked and assigned with CCTV system, so they’re secure and protected.

You can stop-by to collect your mail within 5 minutes so you do not need to spend for parking fee. 

In addition to this, you may need phone transfer system to make your company look scaled and systematic. We offer a range of phone transfer systems, including assigning a local (03) phone number to your business and calls can be transferred directly to your mobile phone.

We also have a voice retrieval system, etc., so that your customers can enter different messages and requirements according to the instructions. Calls can be transferred to different departments by the system, and each department can answer the calls on mobile phone.

Your customers can leave voice messages to you during your busy or non-working hours. You can listen to the messages from the system, not afraid of missing any important information and customers.


Virtual Office Basic
Virtual Office Plus
Business Address
Dedicated local telephone number
Mail & Parcel Handling
Automatic voice transfer
Same day notification on Mail & Parcel received
System Voice Greeting
7 days reminder on Mail & Parcel received
Voice Mail System
Meeting room booking on preferred rate
Business Address
Reminder on meeting room booking
Mail & Parcel Handling
Special Rate for Hot Desk Day Pass
Same day notification on mail & parcel received
7 days reminder on mail & parcel received
Meeting room booking on preferred rate
Reminder on meeting room booking
Special Rate for Hot Desk Day Pass

Price of Subscription

VO Basic
(Average RM 62.50/month)
VO Plus
(Average RM 135/month)
12 months
RM 750
RM 1,620
24 months
RM 1,500
RM 3,240
36 months
RM 2,250
RM 4,860
Refundable Deposit Credit
RM 50
RM 100