Date: 17 Sept 2022

Venue: Workie Workie Coworking Space, Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur  

Thanks to OMP Online Marketing Player Ar Shek for his useful and valuable sharing, hosting his students gathering at Workie Workie Coworking Space. The simple, fast and straight-to-the-point approach is the reason why everyone likes to learn from him.

Five topics was shared throughout the session:

Topic 1: Latest marketing trends

Topic 2: Online store sales funnel

Topic 3: YouTube Advertising (Student Voting Question)

Topic 4: Sales funnel in high unit price industries

Topic 5: Full Funnel Marketing System

Thanks Mato Global for the arrangement, everyone has benefited and had the opportunity to ask Shek on the spot to clarify their doubts. Shek was still surrounded by the students to answer their questions one hour after the session ended.