Provide a comfy & elegant working environment with well-equipped office appliances & various facilities.

Help entrepreneur build & expand their business.

Enhance entrepreneur’s soft skills & knowledge to reach higher productivity & efficiency.

Various fun activities for enterpreneur to achieve work life balance.

Monday blue? Tuesday blue? Weekday blue?
WorkieWorkie transform your working blues to brightful yellow. We strive to deliver 5 core values to our community members.
This is where leveraging the power of community at WorkieWorkie helps your breakthrough.


In life and business, you are always in need of a certain services. Community provide you the opportunities to improve your professional and personal network.

Inspirations and Motivations

In our strong community there is always someone doing something amazing, which will inspire and motivates you to go harder and achieve bigger goals.

Community Support

Confusing, Doubting, Pressuring are giving you rough time? FEAR NOT! You will never walk alone in WorkieWorkie. You are surrounded by people that understand what you are going through


You will meet successful people that are always doing cool stuff and when you are associated with them you get to go along for the ride.


You can go fast when you are alone but you can go far when you are surround by people. No matter how talented you may be, or how smart you are, it is literally impossible to know and do everything by yourself.


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Sales & Marketing Coach

Andy Khor

Motivate Speech Coach

Michelle Tan

Business Coach

Nicole Crnic

Director of Zeichensaal