我只是小小的打工族  供屋子供到半死,那天用ERS算出来才知道自己竟然还白白多给银行97k的屋子利息!对不对?


‼给曾经有Housing Loan迟还钱的你,被charge double 利息的你。让你重新处理房贷,把供期数目拉低。

‼至于已经有5-10间屋子的你,供着Compress Loan的更加应该知道利息要怎么去拉得比现在低30%。

如果你供屋子供到怀疑人生 / 想要深入探讨以节省屋子利息问题,那么非常欢迎你出席我们2小时的房屋利息管理分享会。


攻破Housing Loan的利息盲点,重新管理你的房屋利息,现场还免费为你的计算你的房屋利息

I was just a hardworking worker who offered the house mortgage every month with my salary. I calculated it with ERS that day and knew that I was paying the bank’s 97k house for nothing!!

To those who have been paying the house mortgage for several years, always feel that the house interest is very high, but don’t know how to reduce it!?

To those who had housing loan late repayment and been charged double interest. Lets refinance your mortgage and bring down the loan periods!

For those who already have 5-10 house units, paying Compress Loan should know how to get 30% lower than the current interest rate.

If you paying house mortgage until doubting your life and want to delve into the issue of how to save interest, then you are most welcome to attend our 2-hour house interest management sharing session.

Over the past year we have successfully helped more than 1207 customers resolve their home interest issues.